Thursday, August 25, 2011

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

Riley: "Mommy, you are hilarious."
Me: "I know, Mommy is a regular comedian."
Riley: "Mommmmmeeee....that's silly! You can't be a chameleon. Chameleons don't talk!"
My dear sweet Reese,

Happy birthday, my littlest. Like I do every day, I thought about you all day. But this week, I tried my hardest to imagine what birthdays are like in Heaven. I'm sure I can't even fathom what a party must be like in a place already so perfect in every way. I'm sure each day is sweeter than the next. Heavenly cake and ice cream must be tasty indeed. Is chocolate even richer and tastier? Your sister would be excited about that.

It is hard to believe a year has passed since I saw you. Daddy and I were talking last night about how this year has been like a hazy dream to us. There are many days that I wake up and hope that it was a dream - that I'll see your big brown eyes smiling at me, your chubby cheeks and little lips grinning at me, your little teeth popping out for a perfect one year old smile. I miss your smile, your little voice, your chuckles, even your tears. 

The truth is, my baby, I miss every bit about you.

But, my sweet Reese, I want you to know more than anything that missing you is not our burden, it is our blessing. Our hearts hurt and we cry - but only because we love you so much and it is so very hard to be apart from you, even for a minute. Just like your sister, you are a true gift to us. We thank God for choosing us for you.

Don't worry about us, my littlest. We are strong and we are comforted in knowing that you are safe in the arms of our Lord, where you are meant to be. And we know you are enjoying every sweet and tender moment of your heavenly life. So keep playing. Keep dancing. Keep singing. Keep laughing. If it is decades until we see you again, we know that the time we spend apart will only be a fraction of the time we have together in eternity.

My sweet Reese, you have blessed our lives more than we could have ever imagined and we can't wait for the day when we can tell you all about it. Without ever saying a word, you have filled us with so much love. Love to fill many, many more years to come.

I am so lucky to be your mommy. I love you so much. 

Happy Birthday my little Reese,

"The LORD Almighty has sworn, “Surely, as I have planned, so it will be, and as I have purposed, so it will happen." Isaiah 14:24


Addi's mom said...
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Addi's mom said...

Beautiful <3

Mary said...

Happy birthday Reese <3

mom said...

Missing you 'sweet little one.' Gran Gran

Unknown said...

Be merciful to me, LORD, for I am in distress;
my eyes grow weak with sorrow,
my soul and body with grief. . .
but his favor lasts a lifetime!
Weeping may last through the night,
but joy comes with the morning.
(a composite of Ps.31:9 & 30:5)

What a beautiful tribute...

Unknown said...

Well, unknown is actually the inept Joy :-( I think my hospital server blocks me from the Google blog thus no identity

mrsmouthy said...

Your first birthday is past, Baby Reese, but we're still thinking of you and sending you happy thoughts.

Hannah Banana said...

I keep thinking about that song too!

Hannah Rose said...

Milestones like this are always so tough.

I'd love to have you follow along on my blog: I found you on the faces of loss, faces of hope website and recognize visiting here before. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's good to know we're not alone

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